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Strength Plan For Distance Runners

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Integrating strength training into your routine, improves your ability to store and release energy efficiently. The evidence overwhelmingly shows that strength training can: 1. Improve Running Economy (O2 cost for given speed) by 2-8% in 8 weeks. 2. Improve time trial performances from 1500 m - 10 km. 3. Reduce injury risk - ↑ tendons, ↑ bone mineral density, ↑ coordination, ↑ posture, ↑ kinematics 4. Metabolic systems - ↑ anaerobic quality & capacity, max sprint speed and speed reserve (= max - submax) 5. Physiological changes - change in body composition. ↓ This program has two sessions each week with full video guides of all exercises. This was developed with the runner in mind, but can be used for all sports. This program is free with the purchase of the Core Running Package or Premium Running Package.

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