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Kinplus makes exercise simple.

Kinplus Kinesiology is the first Kinesiology Studio in Niagara, situated a few hundred meters from downtown St. Catharines and the 12-mile creek trail system. We help clients improve their performance in athletics or lifestyle. We provide evidence based, practical exercise and treatment solutions and programming through coaching, one-on-one or group based modalities.

Kevin Moore

Registered Kinesiologist, Founder

Kevin Moore, R.Kin understands the role that health professionals have in maximizing a client's potential. He has been a distance running coach in the area since 2009, working with youth to adult populations. He has been the head coach of two university athletics programs at Brock University. This blend of experience, professionalism and leadership sets him apart, and he is a true pioneer in the field of Kinesiology. I have always been curious about how the body reacts and adapts to stress. As a national class youth athlete, I wanted to understand the training that I was performing and enjoyed searching for resources that helped me grasp these ideas. In university, that passion continued to progress. It was at this time that I started coaching adult athletes and in order to help them. I now applied the academic knowledge from my Kinesiology studies and the empirical lessons from the great coaches and athletes in our sport. Through these experiences I was able to develop my professional capacity as a coach and then as a Registered Kinesiologist. That curiosity in how the body moves, reacts and adapts has led me to where I am today. I see firsthand how athletes move and interact in the world, this blend of professional competence and real-world application make me a uniquely equipped to effectively provide Kinesiology services to my community.

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Jac Harris

Registered Kinesiologist

A Niagara local, Jac grew up in Jordan and attended Beamsville District Secondary School where she was a five-time OFSAA Track & Field Top 10 finisher, boasting a silver and bronze medal in the 400m. Outside of track & field, she also participated in cross country and volleyball, and competed at the OWSL level in soccer for the Niagara Fury. She later competed for the Brock Badgers, where she was a two-time Women’s Team MVP on the track. Jac has been actively involved in the field of kinesiology for many years, consistently demonstrating excellence in both academic and professional settings. She holds an Honours Bachelors of Kinesiology degree (with first-class standing) from Brock University, where she also gained valuable experience as a teaching assistant in the department of kinesiology. She has since spent time working in the senior fitness, falls prevention, physiotherapy assistant, personal training, and clinical kinesiologist fields. Coupled with her history as the head coach of Brock University’s Track & Field team, Jac has extensive experience working with a variety of populations, from high performance athletes to 105-year-old seniors, demonstrating a deep understanding of the complexities of human movement and importance of adapting exercise programs to fit individual needs. Jac looks forward to bringing her versatility to Kinplus and continuing to help clients reach their personal goals, make movement a part of their regular lifestyle, and improve their overall quality of life.

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Brittany Dunbar

Sport Nutritionist, MSc

Train, fuel, recover, repeat is the motto Brittany encourages her clients to understand and incorporate into their busy lives. The primary element she focuses on is the fuel. As a Sports Nutritionist with a MSc from Brock University and a post-graduate in Nutrition for Sport and Performance from Niagara College, she helps athletes take fuelling their bodies more seriously. Brittany helps to educate a client to understand first-hand how proper nutrition can improve training performance and competition outcome. Leaving no stone left unturned, diving deep into food logs, training logs and past experiences to cultivate a plan for optimal success to ensure the client has the best opportunity to achieve their goal(s) while remaining healthy. Brittany comes with personal experience being an endurance runner and triathlete (Sprint to Ironman) for over 15 years, she understands the challenges and rewards a good fueling strategy can have on the mind and body.

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Jenna Marino

Certified Yoga Instructor

Jenna is a certified Yoga Instructor and leads her yoga classes with a movement-focused approach. Instructing many different styles of yoga with diverse groups since 2015 has given Jenna a deep understanding of movement and its impact on total wellness. You can expect Jenna’s classes to be light-hearted, and to empower you to listen to what’s going on in your own body.

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